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Smart and Savvy Kitchen Island Ends

Thinking of adding an Island to your upcoming Kitchen Remodel? You can extend function in the kitchen by building in chopping blocks, appliances, storage and more!

"We ask a lot of kitchen islands. The more storage and function you can pack into an island, the lighter and airier the rest of your kitchen becomes. That’s why designers try to make every square inch count. Take the end of the island. Depending on what’s in the middle of an island — sink, deep cabinets, dishwasher, cooktop — you’re usually not left with much room. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore it." said Houzz Editorial Staff, Mitchell Parker. Here are the great Kitchen Island features from his recent article.

1. Rolling Chopping Stations

2. Custom Drawers for Extra-Large Items

3. Chopping Block with Storage

4. Shallow Storage

5. Refrigerator Drawers

6. Garbage / Recycling Cabinet with Slim Refrigerator

7. Microwave Drawer

Check out more details, innovative solutions to Homeowner's requests and designer tips in this recent Houzz feature!

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