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Get a Spotless, Beautifully Organized Home Office in 7 Days!

With so many folks working from home, we found this article incredibly helpful!

These days, we frequently repeat the mantra"Outer Order, Inner Calm" (which is a new book from Author Gretchen Rubin), knowing that taking the small step of outer organization of our spaces can create inner peace and calm during these scary and unprecedented times.

First, make a plan. It can feel overwhelming, so breaking it up into smaller tasks over a week, with help make this a success.

Here are just a few highlights, and our favorite tips - Read the full article here

1. Deal with Paper

  • Sort + Stack

  • Make quick temporary labels for your piles

  • Set aside what doesn't belong in your home office, and take care of immediately

  • Keep a shredder, recycling bin and trash nearby to discard the obvious junk

2. Make Some Space

  • Pull everything out of your desk, organize and purge what's not needed

  • If you haven't moved to a paperless office, maybe now is the time!

3. Get Organized

  • Get the organization items you need. Visit your local office supply store, or check out Pinterest or Houzz Ideabooks to find creative and attractive storage solutions

  • Start labeling, especially if you organize with baskets or on open shelves

  • Traditional files are still useful for important documents

4. Freshen Up!

  • Vacuum, wipe down shelves, desks and monitors

  • Bring in some fresh plants to help clean the air

5. Consider Comfort

  • Comfort is key - consider a stand-up desk, adjustable chair and good lighting to insure you are comfortable and productive

6. Add a Personal Touch

  • Make it yours - photos, decor and treasures from your travels to make your space feel more like you

7. Do Daily Maintenance

  • Aim to handle paper as soon as you get it

  • Schedule a time to take care of your digital inbox

  • Straighten up daily at the end of your day, to enter to a fresh, clear workspace each morning

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