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Commercial Tenant Improvement - Tips for the changing workforce.

Statistics show that half of the current workforce is made up of the millennial generation. Improving your workspace can attract and improve production for the shifting talent pool and eliminate vacancies in your team.

Here are a few tips to consider when revamping your workspace to attract new talent:

Cubicles are things of the past. Open and flexible workspaces improve team collaboration and improve overall efficiency.

This retro bank space was converted into a modern office space in Phoenix for Cuningham Group Architecture.

Integrate your company colors and slogans into the workspaces which promotes branding and conveys the importance of teamwork.

Award-winning design agency, Brand Creative uses colors and decor to speak their vision and brand.

Provide designated social spaces to encourage unplanned interactions which has proven to increase innovation and performance.

All areas of Pandora's Oakland headquarters breeds collaboration and innovation.

Upgrade your technology with integrated smart systems for security/lighting/etc., hi-def video conference systems, and seamless integration between tech systems.

Uber's San Francisco Headquarters - on the cutting edge.

Upgrade your energy efficiency with water conservation fixtures, passive solar technologies, and motion sensors/digital controls.

While the evolution of e-commerce has reduced the area needed for the operations of many businesses - creating space that stimulate collaboration, creativity and innovation while being environmentally conscious will appeal to the up and coming millennial generation in our workforce.

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